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About Affinitee

About Affinitee

The Power Of Connection

At Affinitee, connection to one another isn’t just an add-on; it’s at the core of our philosophy. Active engagement contributes significantly to individual well-being and provides opportunities to form relationships, foster a sense of belonging, and create shared purpose and mutual support. Every aspect of the Affinitee lifestyle supports a sense of belonging, from the coffee-making ritual to impromptu jam sessions at the DJ Booth to thoughtfully planned events where we can come together in beautifully appointed spaces. Experience it for yourself at Affinitee @ Haverly.

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Not Just a Pretty Space

At Affinitee, our amenities are not just pretty spaces, but purposeful destinations where you can engage, unwind, and make the best of your time. Whether it’s co-creating in the Soaring Lounge, unwinding at the Caribbean-style pool deck, practicing mindfulness at the Yoga Shala, a dinner night at our glass French Pavilion, each amenity serves a purpose beyond the ordinary. Together they create a dynamic and vibrant lifestyle all around.

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Housed in authentic UK phone booths, Affinitee’s sharing libraries are charming spaces to borrow books and start conversations about members’ favorite reads.

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Unlock your DJ potential at our exclusive DJ Booth! Take our free DJ class, or come play your tunes, we love music and we hope you do too.

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For the seasoned coffee connoisseur or casual drinker, the coffee bar at Affinitee allows you to power up your day and learn the art of roasting your coffee alongside other coffee lovers in the community.

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Your Chief Happiness Officer

At Affinitee, we have a full time Chief Happiness Officer whose primary role is to ensure the happiness and well being of our residents. Our Happiness Officers’ top priority is to foster a positive, fulfilling living experience for all our members. Creating events, engagements and opportunities, and working proactively to address and resolve any issues that may arise, our Chief Happiness Officer is your advocate and cheerleader, dedicated to making Affinitee not just a place to live, but a place to love.